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December 13

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Reliving the Story

by Ann-Kat

While I go through each chapter individually, I’m allowing myself to relive the story as though it’s the first time I’m hearing of it. The results of that mindset have been somewhat amazing. It’s allowed me to look at the scene from new eyes and find things that I might otherwise have overlooked.

Following the second draft of the first chapter, I sent it out for a quick critique and one of the responses I received mentioned that my male lead had revealed more of himself this time around, which is a splendid thing.

I’m trying to do the same thing for the second chapter, but I’m finding it a bit difficult to slip out of my male lead’s head and into the female lead’s. They have two distinct voices and I need for that to come through in the writing and style.

Rather than spend time revising chapter 2 today, I do believe I will spend that time interviewing my female lead.

Plus, I’m certain it would help if I could come up with that elusive scene song that captures the mood and mindset of the character.

Comments on Reliving the Story

  1. # Kaye Dacus wrote on December 15, 2008 at 11:58 pm:

    Have you considered going through and revising all of your hero’s scenes in one sweep and then going through and revising your heroine’s afterward? I’ve never tried it, but if you’re already on a roll with your hero’s POV, maybe staying in his head for a while might be a good thing.

  2. # Ann-Kat wrote on December 16, 2008 at 12:16 am:

    It’s funny you should bring that up because I have been thinking along those lines. I may have to try that, but I’m worried because the story lines of the hero and heroine run parallel in real time and they play off of each other as one scene blends into the next (if that makes any sense at all). Just gotta roll up my sleeves and dive right in, I guess. :D

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